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Jiangsu Jiahua Metal Wire Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Jiahua metal wire Co., Ltd. is located in Xinghua, the hometown of Zheng Banqiao, the hometown of historical and cultural celebrities, the 204 National Road and the new long railway in the East, Ningqi railway in the south, the Beijing Shanghai, Qi Yang, Jingyan expressway, and Taizhou port of the state one port. The company was established in 2009. It is an enterprise with high quality and high requirements for tin plated copper wire, tin plated copper clad steel wire, tin plated alloy wire, cross wiring (jump line), bare copper wire and wire and cable industry with high standard and special requirements. The total investment is 15 million yuan, covering an area of about 20000 yuan, with a construction area of 5000. The product specifications are complete, from 0.07MM to 2.60MM. The packaging methods are PP barreled, carton vacuum packing, PVC axle loading, iron plate packing, iron rack packing, close collection and packaging, which can fully meet the production needs of the industry. The company's annual production capacity is 2500 tons of tinned copper wire, 800 tons of tin coated copper clad steel wire, and 1000 tons of bare copper wire.
The company's products are widely used in carbon film resistors, metal film resistors, metal oxide film resistors, fuse resistors, wire wound resistors, glass glaze resistors, varistors, therresistors, sensorless resistors, photosensitive resistors, temperature fuse, current safe wire, capacitors, cross wiring (jumper line), inductors, and inductors. Equipment, transformer, diode, high temperature line, ship cable, three insulation line, gas temperature sensor, welding wire, FFC line, new energy vehicle ballast and other industries. The products cover the Yangtze River Delta region, the Pearl River Delta region, the Bohai Bay area, the Haixi region, the southwest region and the Guan Zhong region. It is also directly exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Russia, Poland, Germany, the United States, Argentina and other countries and countries.
The production equipment adopted by the company is designed and developed on the basis of the advanced equipment of Japan, Taiwan and Germany, combined with more than 20 years' experience, to ensure the excellent and stable performance of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, wettability, salt resistance and so on. The equipment is advanced, efficient and accurate.
The company implements the ISO9001 quality management system, with "reasonable planning, standard management, quality assurance, customer first, continuous improvement and sustainable management" as quality policy, continuously improving product quality and improving market competitiveness, to achieve sustainable management and sustainable development. The inspection equipment is accurate, the inspection project involves the full aspect of the physical characteristics of the product, and all the equipment in the industry are easy to read, high performance and high quality, so as to ensure the objectivity and precision of the data in the experiment. The company is in the monitoring state from the incoming, production, testing and packaging to the customer's whole process. To ensure the quality of product quality, environmental protection. The products tested by the third party organization fully comply with the relevant provisions of ROHS and WEEE.
The company in line with "sustainable management, mutual benefit, common development, continuous improvement" business philosophy, in the quality of products, prices, services, environmental protection and other aspects of the customer to provide a full range of guarantees, to ensure a harmonious development and create a future.