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China's power wire and cable industry trends, see "surge"

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As China's power industry has long been a pillar industry in the national economy occupies an important position. Since the 1990s, with the rapid development of China's economy, wire and cable manufacturing industry chain in the power industry as an important part also will be booming, especially in recent years, China's economic development faces energy, power shortage problem of the bottleneck , the state has increased investment in terms of power, making the industry entered a rapid development period. The first half of 2005 UHV power grid west to east project started, in September 2005 the national grid company issued 4 billion yuan corporate bonds, which is used as long as the national grid transformation project, we added from a series on the expansion project experience to the pace of development of the industry. At the same time China's power industry has long exist "heavy power, light power" phenomenon, the proportion of the power supply and the grid of 7: 3, while the ratio in developed countries is substantially 5: 5, followed by a power transmission bottleneck Restricting the problem of power supply, which is bound to bring a good grid construction opportunities.
Power cable manufacturing industry once owned power transmission equipment industry, and its relatively low-tech, low barriers to entry, the user is primarily a national grid company, this market structure leads to pricing power part of the loss of many equipment suppliers, the entire industry through rapid Extended then faced the problem of rising raw material prices, the industry is increasingly competitive, profit a downward trend; secondary transmission and distribution equipment industry is a cyclical industry is relatively small, it relates to high-tech field, technical barriers, by the few large company monopolies. In view of the development prospects of China's power industry, wire and cable manufacturing industry as its sub-sectors in the promotion of the environment still has a good space to develop.
According to the latest statistics of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, in the wire and cable field, in 2006, power cable production reached 1227.91 million meters, up 16.54 percent; ACSR 926,000 tons, an increase of 13.54%; development in accordance with today's electrical industry trend is expected in 2007, the power cable will reach 1450 million meters, an increase of about 20%, ACSR will reach 100 million tons, an increase of about 15%. According to China's "Eleventh Five-Year" plan, power construction investment remains large scale, will pull the wire and cable industry's strong growth in the market for wire and cable industry to bring a rare market opportunity, expected in the future this trend will continue.
In 2006 electrical products import and export trade, the wire and cable industry remains a booming trend in imports of electrical products, and ranked second for $ 3.466 billion in exports electrical products, a maximum amount of wire and cable, reaching $ 7.241 billion It has become one of the two main sources of electrical products in the trade surplus (the other is electrical tools).
From the development of the power cable industry, the development of the next few years will be the main power cables exhibit trend following aspects:
(1) 1KV low voltage power cables with PVC cable although still dominated, but gradually replace low-voltage XLPE cables PVC cables trends and will be strengthened, a heated cross-linking will increase the amount of cable applications. LSZH cable will be developed.
(2) 6 ~ 35KV medium voltage power cable XLPE cable is still dominant, prefabricated cable accessories to be more widely used.
(3) 110 ~ 220KV XLPE cable application class will be more than oil-filled cables, the need to improve the supply capacity of accessory sets. Reduce the amount of domestic oil-filled cable application, should increase the number of oil-filled cable outlet. Stainless steel electrode
(4) superconducting cables studies should be started. The basic structure, fabrication, performance testing and study of superconducting connections, for making the samples.
Wire and cable widely used in many industrial fields such as energy, transportation, information and communications, construction, railway, urban rail, automotive, aviation, metallurgy, petrochemical, etc., at present, China's wire and cable industry is in a new stage of development, with the future within a few years the domestic urbanization, the development of heavy industrialization, communication networks, power grid construction, transportation and other fields demand for wire and cable is still in rapid growth.
Currently, the national wire and cable industry has more than 6,000 enterprises, industry concentration is very low, "small", "intermediate state" of the enterprise in the majority, poor economies of scale, and therefore, the domestic wire and cable industry in the highly competitive low-end products .
However, on safety and environmental protection of high-grade wire and cable products (such as low-smoke, halogen-free, fire retardant cables, etc.) stressed the high value-added products, product gross margin as high as 40%. Because production capacity, require significant imports to meet domestic demand. This is the country with the core technology to master the special cable production capacity of the wire and cable manufacturing company set aside a broad space for development.
Wire and cable industry in the country is second only to the automotive industry, the second largest industry in recent years, copper consumption accounts for 60% -86% of the total domestic consumption of copper, wire and cable industry development and changes directly affect the domestic demand for refined copper, and ultimately affect the price of copper. Therefore, to understand China's wire and cable industry development status and characteristics, analyzes its future trends and predict future demand for copper on the copper futures market is very necessary.
Wire and cable for electricity transmission and distribution, power transmission, voice, text, images and other information dissemination, and other areas of lighting a large class of electrical products, is manufacturing all kinds of motors, electrical, instrumentation indispensable foundation equipment, it is China's power infrastructure construction, new smart grid, new energy industry the necessary infrastructure products. Wire and cable industry occupies a quarter of the output value of the domestic electrical equipment industry, China is second only to the automotive industry, the second largest industry, China's wire and cable output has surpassed the US to become the world's largest wire and cable producer. Upstream of the wire and cable industry, mainly in the supply of raw materials companies, such as copper rods, aluminum and other materials cable companies, cable more consumer industries, including power, automobile, machinery manufacturing, rail transportation, aerospace, household appliances Wait.