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Bare copper \ tinned copper \ Copper Clad Aluminum constitution and distinction

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Security cables used in the production of the Central Standing Committee of bare copper wire, UL1061 electronic line tinned copper wire, copper clad aluminum wire, which can be used braided coaxial cable, shielded sheathed cable shielding net.
Bare copper wire is made of pure copper rod drawing electronic line UL1007, UL1015 electronic cable, UL1061 electronic line, UL1571 electronic line materials single table are copper, past the outside is yellow, and because of the level of the color purity copper with a shallow depth. Physical properties, bare copper wire material is soft, good conductive properties.
Tinned copper complex process slightly more than the bare copper wire, copper rod will be drawn into a wire and then with hot tin plated copper wire technology in a thin layer of tin became tinned copper. This line appearance of silver, because silver metallic tin is the reason. UL1571 electronic line quality is relatively soft, good conductive properties, as compared with bare copper wire, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance stronger, can greatly extend the life of weak cables.
Copper clad aluminum wire and covered with welding manufacturing technology, concentric copper clad aluminum rod outer surface of the core wire, and the formation of a strong metallurgical bond between the atoms between the copper layer and the core, so that two different metal material combined into an integral whole, can be like that for processing single wire drawing and annealing process, the process of drawing the same proportion of copper and aluminum reducers, copper layer volume ratio remains relatively constant. Copper Clad Aluminum is very light weight, the appearance is also yellow, but compared to the former two, many poor conductivity, flexibility is not enough, easily broken, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance is relatively low. If the copper clad aluminum production process control is not good, then the copper clad aluminum finished in a short period of time is likely to become - scrap heap.
Three kinds of wire material structure diagram is as follows:
Bare copper wire, UL1015 electronic line-clad aluminum is widely used braided shielding, due to material differences lead to weak cable market was mixed. Copper clad aluminum wire and bare copper wire of the same color appearance, at first glance, difficult to distinguish, with great confusing. A variety of woven mesh material is better, but also to vast number of projects friend confused, unable to identify. Here we will introduce some of the conventional method to distinguish bare copper wire, tinned copper wire and copper clad aluminum wire. In the video cable SYV75-5 braid to detect objects, use the following method:
1, visual appearance. Strip the video cable is outside, it can quickly identify the tinned copper wire from three materials, because only tinned copper silver, the other two are all yellow. Next vertical neat cut a video cable, see braid cross section, if it is yellow, that is bare copper wire: If the white, that is copper clad aluminum wire. Materials with a line of three braid so to distinguish.
2, with the tools video wire braid hair scraped surface, tinned copper mesh after scraping appear yellow, bare copper network is still yellow, and copper clad aluminum mesh point appears white snowflakes. The video cable braid placed on the cement floor friction can get the same effect.
3, the fire test. The video cable braid break open, dial to the side, close to the flames, the formation of the ball-like object if the burning material is copper; if the wire after burning white, drooping hands and touch that is broken for copper clad aluminum mesh.
In addition, with the balance weighed by a qualified electrician detection device detects resistivity braid, or oxidation resistance aging equipment detected braid, woven mesh material is a good way of testing.
Through the above description, we can find bare copper and tinned copper braid shielding is good material, in terms of anti-oxidation, tinned copper behave better. The cost, due to the higher price of tin, lead tin copper cost more than bare copper wire, aluminum is very low, therefore the lowest cost copper clad aluminum, because of its low-cost advantage to occupy the low end of the cable market. And copper clad aluminum braid with bare copper mesh difficult to distinguish, the market is often shoddy, because of low copper clad aluminum antioxidant properties, perishable, the results frequently led project rework, resulting in huge losses. At the high end cable market, the production of tinned copper is the preferred brand of cable