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Copper Knowledge: What is tinned brass wire

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What tinned brass line? What tinned brass line application? To know these questions, we take a look at the contents of tinned brass. Brass Tin belong plating, tin plating as bright silver, brass can increase weldability and decorative, does not affect the conductivity, it can be used in the electronics industry, furniture, appliances, food packaging, and other aspects. Oxidation, increasing the copper piece in appearance, product non-toxic heavy metal, salt spray test more than 45 hours does not rust. Without plating equipment, just soak, convenient and simple, can be plated thick tin.
So what is tinned brass wire? Tinned brass line refers to the surface of the conductor wire coated with a layer of tin to improve the performance of the wire harness manufacturing process. Tin tin dioxide film formed in the air, preventing further oxidation, tin and halogen similar effect can be formed a thin film. Which not only has good corrosion resistance, but also a certain degree of strength and hardness, good formability and easy to solder, tin layer of non-toxic and tasteless, can be packaged to prevent iron dissolve and bright surface, pictures can be printed landscaping products.
What tinned brass line? Tinned brass wire Applications
Tin-plated brass lead line is mainly used in electronic components, communication cables, light emitting diodes, Dianmu skeleton (BOBBIN), high-frequency transformer needle holder, relay legs, micro-motors, computer pin, connectors, various types of guided needle pins and the like.
Tinned brass wire applications in the car: In a certain extent, can reduce the risk of car fires. To harness put on "tin coat," as to harness equipped with a "cooling device", effectively improve the fire performance of the wire harness.
What tinned brass line? Principle tinned brass wire
Yellow copper wire higher price, so it is widely used on the harness. However, as a bare brass wire harness, because brass likely to be wet air oxidation corrosion affecting the normal work and life of the harness. "Tin coat" outside brass wire coated with a layer waterproof, namely tin brass wire, electrode and brass core role of tin plating can effectively improve the resistance to oxidation harness, extend brass wire harness in high salinity Environment life. Tinned copper tin layer lower hardness, processing performance is better than bare copper wire, after the brass terminal and wire harness conductor crimp contact more fully, small contact resistance, temperature brass harness crimping portions slower.
The above description of the "tin-plated brass wire is what" relevant content, we have to look at the relevant contents of tinned brass. Tinned brass process:
Copper degreasing pickling or polishing --- --- two washing ------ ----- three chemical tin washed with cold dry ---- ---- timely detection.
Chemical Tin: The tin water plus 8 ~ 10g / kg of tin after the use of additives, Shen tin normal temperature ~ 80 ℃, time 15 minutes immersion tin, tin-plating process to light stirring or gently flip the workpiece . Immersion may be repeated to increase the thickness of the tin layer.
Tinned brass Notes:
After microetching copper artifacts, after washing should be promptly placed in the plating bath, to prevent oxidation of the copper surface again affect the coating quality.
When efficiency drops tin, may be added to 1.0% of tin additives, may continue to be used after stir.